A versatile and effective replacement for over-excavation, deep foundations (including driven piles, drilled shafts or auger cast-in-place piles).

Geopier Rammed Aggregate Pier® System (RAP’s) GP3® System

The Geopier GP3® system uses replacement Rammed Aggregate Pier elements to reinforce good-to-poor quality soils, including soft to stiff clay and silts, loose to dense sand, organic sediment, and peat, as well as uncontrolled fill. By applying direct vertical ramming force to compact crushed stone, high density, high strength columns are created, providing superior support capacity, increased bearing pressure, (up to as much as 500 kPa SLS) and excellent settlement control. The Geopier GP3® system allows for the visible inspection of the treated soils during drilling, as well as the opportunity to closely monitor changing ground conditions as they happen. Stone is typically Granular A; crushed, recycled concrete; or clear stone. Cement-treated aggregate can be employed as needed for certain design situations. It is a versatile and effective replacement for over-excavation, deep foundations (including driven piles, drilled shafts, or auger cast-in-place piles)

RAP vs. Stone Column

GeoSolv’s Ground Improvement Systems involve heavy vertical crowd force, massive vertical ramming energy and significant lateral stress increase. This action, along with the vertical ramming, and heavy crowd pressure with lateral cavity expansion with lateral stress buildup, is unique to GeoSolv and creates unsurpassed system performance.  These three factors are essential as they result in a more highly engineered system with improved performance over other ground-improvement approaches.  GeoSolv can work with the worst soils: soft clay, loose silt, peat and uncontrolled fill – not just sandy soils.

How Does GeoSolv Do More with Geopier (RAP) than Other Ground Improvement Techniques?

GeoSolv offers Ground Improvement Solutions that treat a wide range of soils and offer distinct advantages over other historic ground-improvement systems such as deep dynamic compaction (dynamic compaction), stone columns (vibro replacement, vibro stone columns), vibro compaction (vibro flot), and deep soil mixing (DSM). Contact us today to learn more about the advantages that GeoSolv’s Ground Improvement Systems can offer for your project or to receive an obligation-free proposal for the use of an Innovative Foundation Solution.

Installation Methodology:

The Geopier GP3 system is constructed by auguring a cavity and vertically ramming lifts of aggregate (gravel or recycled concrete) within the cavity and driving the aggregate laterally into the side walls. This action creates stiff rammed aggregate piers and results in superior bearing capacity and settlement control through friction, without the need for bulk excavation or deep foundation (piling) systems.

Improve up to 16m depths with 600mm to 1200mm diameter elements for high loads in clays, silt, fill, and trapped topsoil.

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