Rammed Compaction Systems
Densipact® System

The patented Densipact® system is a cost-effective solution for the improvement of loose-to-medium density granular soils. The Densipact® system replaces dynamic compaction, over excavation, deep foundations (including driven piles), drilled shafts and augured cast-in-place piles. This high-performing system provides unsurpassed strength and stiffness, and eliminates casing and allows for construction in soils that are prone to cave-ins, high water levels, and liquefaction (water build-up). Additionally, the Densipact® system provides very high bearing pressures to ensure consistently high levels of performance and reliability.

How Does GeoSolv Do More with Geopier (RAP) than Other Ground Improvement Techniques?

GeoSolv’s Ground Improvement Systems involve heavy vertical crowd force, massive vertical ramming energy and significant lateral stress increase. This action, along with the vertical ramming and heavy crowd pressure with lateral cavity expansion with lateral stress buildup, is unique to GeoSolv and creates unsurpassed system performance.  These three factors are essential as they result in a more highly engineered system with improved performance over other ground-improvement approaches.  GeoSolv can work with the worst soils: soft clay, loose silt, peat and uncontrolled fill−not just sandy soils.

The Geopier Desipact system is used to increase the density of sandy soils. Metal fingers (tines) are driven into the loose sands by heavy crowd and vertical ramming energy, densifying the surrounding soils. The displaced cavity is then backfilled with on-site materials, and the process is repeated until the desired densification has been achieved. The Densipact system provides high-bearing capacity and settlement control while avoiding bulk excavation or deep foundations.

Improve up to 10m depths with 1000mm to 2000mm-diameter treatment zones for loose sand and sand fill for very high-bearing capacities

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