A super low-cost method used by rail owners, contractors, and designers to dramatically improve the railroad track subgrade modulus and to significantly decrease permanent track settlements.

Geopier GeoSpikeSM System

The Geopier GeoSpike system is a patented, low-cost method for strengthening weak railroad track sub-grades. This turnkey system creates strong elements in weak sub-grade soils and can be installed without even having to remove railroad tracks, ties, or ballast. Our crews drive pre-manufactured polymer shells in pairs between rail ties at regular intervals. The shell is driven in place by inserting a driving mandrel within the shell and advancing the mandrel to design depths.

The expanded top of the shell compresses between ties during insertion and expands back to its original shape after clearing the rail ties to allow for efficient load transfer from the ballast to the GeoSpike system. After driving to design depths, aggregate is placed within the confining GeoSpike shell. The dynamic loads from the passing rail cars arch through the ballast and are effectively transferred through the shell and densely compacted aggregate down to a suitable bearing layer.

Advantages of the GeoSpike System

Strong and Stiff:
A stiff confining shell results in high stiffness/strength elements that provide support capacity and stiffer sub-grade response under cyclic rail car loading. ˴

The patented installation process allows for in-place remediation and reinforcing of soft railroad track sub-grades.˴

Projects are engineered in-house by GeoSolv’s professional engineers, allowing for rapid response when needs arise. ˴

GeoSpike systems can be lengthened or shortened in the field to accommodate variable sub-grade conditions.˴

Rapid installation process means shorter construction schedules and minimal downtime of working railroad lines. ˴

Life cycle cost savings are realized by reducing the need to re-build and repair track sections constructed over poor sub-grade.

Installation Methodology:

The patented Geopier GeoSpike installation process displaces soil during installation and utilizes vertical impact ramming energy to construct Rammed Aggregate Pier® elements that exhibit superior strength and stiffness in soft soils. Geopier GeoSpike solutions are designed to reinforce weak rail sub-grade soils to increase the track sub-grade modulus and reduce deflections that occur under dynamic loading conditions.

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