Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) is an innovative solution when compared to the time and cost of over-excavation and re-compaction.

Rammed Compaction Systems® Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC)®

Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) is a ground improvement technique that densifies shallow, loose and granular soils. Soil treated by this method results in increased density, friction angle and overall stiffness, which results in increased bearing capacity and decreased settlement of planned structures. Rapid Impact Compaction consists of an excavator-mounted, hydraulic pile-driving hammer repeatedly striking a circular plate that rests on the ground.  Energy is then transferred to the ground safely and efficiently, as the RIC’s foot remains in contact with the ground, which avoids concern over flying debris being ejected. Rapid Impact Compaction densifies loose-fill soils of up to 6 m deep or more. Additional benefits of rapid compaction include: an increase of the bearing capacity of the soils, minimization of settlement, and the creation of uniform support for foundation footing. Rapid Impact Compaction is an innovative solution when compared to the time and cost of over-excavation and re-compaction./p>

GeoSolv offers Ground Improvement Solutions that treat a wider range of soils and offer distinct advantages over other historic ground-improvement systems such as deep dynamic compaction (dynamic compaction), stone columns (vibro replacement, vibro stone columns), vibro compaction (vibro flot).

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Installation Methodology:

The Rapid Impact Compaction (RIC) system uses an excavator-mounted, 7.5-9 ton hydraulic weight that is repeatedly dropped on a 1.5 m tamper foot to densify sand soils up to 6-7 m deep. This process is an equivalent alternative to bulk excavation and engineered fill.

Improve up to 6-7m depth for general treatment of sand, silty sand and fills for low-to-moderate bearing capacities.

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