Stand out from the crowd with GeoSolv’s wide range of Innovation Foundation Solutions™. GeoSolv has become the gold standard in Ontario and the ground improvement industry as a whole. Backed by Geopier, GeoSolv continues to pioneer innovative approaches toward solutions for challenging soil conditions as they relate to structural foundations.

Why GeoSolv?

GeoSolv has grown from a small company offering a single Geopier ground improvement solution as a cost-effective alternative to dig and replace to a strong, diverse team that is a trusted advisor to many contractors, engineers, developers, owners and architects across Ontario seeking solutions to a variety of soil challenges. Proudly Canadian in both ownership and operation, GeoSolv now offers over a dozen proven ground improvement, rigid inclusion, slope stability, and piling systems. We are design/build contractors focused on lowering your soil-related risks, saving you time, and of course, reducing your overall project costs.

Corporate Brochure

GeoSolv is very proud to serve some of Canada’s most successful general contractors, engineering consulting companies and developers. Our wide and varied experience speaks to our focus on challenging soils, no matter where they might be found. Our partnership with key companies such as the Geopier Foundation Company provides an extra level of assurance of the highest quality design/build solutions.

As you tour our website, you will see that we have partnered on many key P3 and design/build infrastructure and building projects. We also have key MTO, TTC, GO/Metrolinx and Infrastructure Ontario projects that have saved our clients millions of dollars by avoiding dig and replace or deep-foundation approaches in the face of challenging soil conditions. You will also discover that we are also more than happy to help you with the smaller projects that have big challenges.

Despite our success and ongoing growth, we have never forgotten why we are here and how we grew – by helping our clients find the best solutions to their challenging soils, not simply forcing our solutions to fit the problem. We rarely get called on when things are simple, and we have learned that the best practice, for projects both big or small, is to advise our clients to take appropriately conservative approaches when the stakes are high, which they always are at the foundation level of a structure.

By choosing GeoSolv for your challenging soil projects, you are choosing a level of quality and care that is unparalleled in our industry. This commitment to our clients is the unquestionable foundation of every project we undertake. When Mother Earth isn’t co-operating on your next structure, we invite you to experience the GeoSolv difference on your next challenging soil project.

Our Company’s Mission, Purpose & Values

We expect all of our employees at GeoSolv to be responsible for assisting in the successful realization of our Vision — what we are setting out to build and create — who we are making it for and why we are building it, our Purpose. We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word; therefore, it’s critical that we consistently strive for not only for positive project outcomes but also for 100% client satisfaction. Passion is, and always will be, at the heart of our work. We are continuously moving forward, innovating, and improving both our techniques and our relationships. 


GeoSolv accepted, recognized and embraced as the Canadian leader in ground improvement and sub-foundation design-build construction.


Our purpose is to create value and innovation in every project we touch. Our innovation is cutting-edge ground improvement technology. Our business is delivering the absolute best value and lasting leadership to commercial, industrial, residential, and civil construction developments in Canada.


At GeoSolv, our work is about much more than ‘the job.’ Our work is about our legacy and how we stand out from the crowd. Our work is an expression of our values, and this is the real foundation of our company.


Behaving how we believe, uncompromising on our principles, audaciously responsible for our actions, so we earn the absolute trust of our clients, partners, suppliers and fellow team members.


Continually open, curious, and learning — able to rethink our processes and relationships, embrace the newest & best technologies and innovations to enable our vision and purpose.


Always collaborative with others who share a commitment to and passion for our purpose, we establish strong and lasting relationships with those who share our values and value our sharing.


Focusing on making a genuine difference in every project we touch, leaving customers and stakeholders empowered, impressed and improved.


We are willing to take calculated risks and are nimble and forward-focused, creating a path to achieve innovations and continued rewards to our clients.


At GeoSolv, we strive every day to live up to our founding values, and we are all responsible for holding one another to them.