GeoSolv will never force-fit the solution to the problem, and we will always be sure to inform you immediately if another solution might be a more suitable solution, and will always provide you with the lowest risk approach, even if the solution is not one of our own. That is our personal guarantee to you.

Project Delivery Philosophy

The foundation is arguably the most important element for structures/infrastructure; −it is the basis for a successful project.  At GeoSolv, we believe that every problem foundation soil has a solution.  Our company has worked hard to innovate foundation solutions that are practical and cost-effective. However, if we don’t have the right solution in our extensive arsenal, we will provide you with the assistance you need to find it.  That is the pledge of service you get from GeoSolv through every step of your specific challenging-soil situation.  We never force-fit the solution to the problem, and we will be the first to let you know if our solution won’t fit your project and provide you with the lowest risk approach. That is our guarantee.

We have a strong belief in a human approach to site monitoring. Although we have a wide variety of sophisticated equipment and technology at our fingertips, we always ensure that every project has a GeoSolv expert on-site, monitoring any challenges or changes throughout your challenging soil project.

Every client and every project is unique and has specific project requirements. GeoSolv understands this, and tailors each project delivery plan according to the client’s specific requirements. Here is an overview of our project delivery approach.

Project Identification

  • The client approaches us with a challenging soil project.
  • Information is provided, including soil boring logs and perhaps more detail such as foundation plans (or architectural drawings), loads, elevations, site plans, and grading details to prepare a feasibility report or proposal.
  • For formal quotations, IFC drawings−including foundation plans, final geotechnical report and other detailed final design information is provided to GeoSolv.
  • GeoSolv is in touch with you to address any additional questions or provide clarification, and sets a realistic target for a response, which may be a feasibility study, assistance with geotechnical recommendations, a proposal, or a formal quotation, depending on who is contacting us and the stage that the project is at or the amount of information that is available. Read More >

Project Initiation

  • An Innovative Foundation Solution proposal from GeoSolv is accepted by the client, and contract negotiations begin.
  • The GeoSolv team meets with the client to discuss the project in detail, as well as to clarify the project’s scope, budget, and schedule.
  • A contract is executed.
  • The team establishes clear project-reporting procedures and decision-making processes.
  • The team reviews all relevant reports, studies and plans, including previous master plans, geotechnical, civil, building plans and other project-related documents.
  • The team then creates a detailed construction work plan and agrees on the construction schedule with the client.

Schematics and Preparation

  • Shop Drawings are prepared and reviewed by the client for compliance with the overall project drawings.
  • Reviewed shop drawings and received and the schedule is finalized.
  • Utility locates, safety and other documentation is compiled, and a site visit is conducted to initiate mobilization of crews and equipment.

Mobilization and Construction

  • Equipment, labour and full-time QC technicians are mobilized to site.
  • Construction begins according to contract documents.
  • Production is continuously monitored by QC personnel and various quality tests are performed to verify installation
  • Load testing, if required, is performed as per the contract requirements.
  • Full-time QC personnel, Construction Managers and Engineers review work progress and verify installation and QC conformance to contract documents.
  • The team conducts final inspections to ensure completion of installation and assure that every detail has been attended to. Construction documentation is finalized and signed off on.

Follow Through

  • Certification reports and As-Built drawings are prepared and sent to the client.
  • GeoSolv provides on-site support to the owner/contractor during subsequent construction activities if required.
  • Our approach is turnkey, but we work with the team at every step to ensure that every aspect of the delivery is understood and done correctly.

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Jim Webb
Construction Superintendent
Parking Structure in Toronto

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General Manager
Wind Projects in Ontario

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VP Construction
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Approach Embankments
Eastern Ontario

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Jeff Tolton
Project Manager
Wholesale Store in Mississauga