GeoSolv will never force-fit the solution to the problem, and we will be sure to inform you immediately if another solution might be more suitable, and might provide you with the lowest risk approach. That is our guarantee.

Project Delivery Philosophy

The foundation is arguably the most important element for structures/infrastructure; −it is the basis for a successful project.  At GeoSolv, we believe that every problem foundation soil has a solution.  Our company has worked hard to innovate foundation solutions that are practical and cost effective. However, if we don’t have the right solution in our extensive arsenal, we will provide you with the assistance you need to find it.  That is the pledge of service you get from GeoSolv through every step of your specific problem-soil situation.  We never force-fit the solution to the problem, and we will be the first to let you know if our solution won’t fit your project and provide you with the lowest risk approach. That is our guarantee.

We have a strong belief in a human approach to site monitoring. Although we have a wide variety of sophisticated equipment and technology at our fingertips, we always ensure that every project has a GeoSolv expert onsite, monitoring any challenges or changes throughout your problem soil project.

Project Identification

  • The client approaches us with a problem soil project.
  • Information is provided, including soil boring logs and perhaps more detail such as foundation plans (or architectural drawings), loads, elevations, site plans, and grading details to prepare a feasibility report or proposal.
  • For formal quotations, IFC drawings−including foundation plans, final geotechnical report and other detailed final design information is provided to GeoSolv.
  • GeoSolv is in touch to address any additional questions or provide clarification, and sets a realistic target for a response, which may be a feasibility study, assistance with geotechnical recommendations, a proposal or a formal quotation, depending on who is contacting us and the stage that the project is at or the amount of information that is available.

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  • "The Rammed Aggregate Pier system proved to be reliable and met a tight timeline, which contributed to the overall success of the project and the happiness of the client."

    Jeff Tolton Project Manager, Golder Associates
  • “GeoSolv helped us turn an otherwise unworkable bad soil situation into a cost-effective project.”

    Kerry Anger Senior Structural Engineer, IBI Group
  • “Geosolv is very innovative and accommodating. Their expertise in the field helped to expedite a very time-sensitive project with excellent results.”

    Jim Whitehead Grascan Construction
  • “Geosolv accomplished the ground improvement precisely on schedule, and for precisely the agreed amount. GeoSolv also provided a geotechnical certification for the pad allowing Costco to construct their prototypical building without modifications. Since we were able to avoid the exposure to the unknowns of conventional re-engineering, we will never know how much money we actually saved using Geopier’s, but I feel that it would be considerably more than the $2M savings we can quantify, and certainly the difference between Costco opening on schedule or not.”

    Sean Fox VP of Construction, Fieldgate Commercial Management Limited (FCML)
  • “GeoSolv simplifies the construction process on our projects.”

    Jason Van Geel General Manager, Wind Turbine Projects in Ontario
  • “The RIC system added significant value on this development, sure; there were significant savings on the project by going with GeoSolv’s Ground Improvement System, but the big thing GeoSolv helped us with was improving our earthworks schedule and getting our project out of the ground.”

    Jason Pantalone President of National Homes
  • “GeoSolv provided us with a cost-effective foundation system for our 12 storey Condo. This approach was a significant improvement on the grouted helical pile foundation used on the previous phase. The ease of using spread footings instead of pile caps and the fact that there were no extras or surprises on the project as well as the quick installation means we will call on GeoSolv again when we have a structurally challenging soil condition on our developments.”

    Rob Gazzola Senior Development Manager, Haastown Holdings
  • “We have worked with GeoSolv on two projects to date. We have found GeoSolv to be innovative, sophisticated and professional in both their engineering and design as well as in their field operations. They have worked well with our other engineering consultants such as geotechnical and structural engineers to provide project-specific foundation solutions that resulted in significant savings. We look forward to working with them on many projects in the future.”

    Art Van Maren President, VanMar Constructors Inc.
  • “As a structural engineer, we are always looking to provide the most effective and economical design for our clients. Providing cost-effective and schedule-driven solutions is always challenging in difficult soils for our high rise and various projects. Geosolv has proven to be an ally in our search for new innovative and effective solutions for soils remediation providing a higher bearing capacity with increase soil stiffness that are key to comply with our projects structural requirements while allowing for tight schedules.”

    Jose Polanco Structural Engineer, Read Jones Christoffersen (RJC)
  • "Utilizing GeoSolv at the earliest stages of our project helped us to address the complex underground design challenges we had early on in the project, effectively ensuring that challenges were worked out well ahead of putting the first shovel in the ground. By offering innovative and cost-efficient solutions that avoid costly dig-replace and deep foundation methods for our project, they helped us lower our potential project risks. I would certainly recommend them for your next project."

    Ryan Stitt Associate, Salter Pilon Architecture